(I didn't even consider the possibility any of my non-Swedish friends would read my blog, but here's an entry in English for you haha. Also I wrote this a few days ago but forgot to publish it...)
So two days of work passed by already and as usual, time really flies by here. On Monday morning, I stayed at home as Jainie, Alice, and Lina had their introduction and it was useful for them to have me there to explain in Swedish if necessary. After that, we had lunch and then it was time to go to Red Cross baby orphanage. It was so good to see all the children again, even though many of them were sick and some even stay in the hospital at the moment. A lot of the toys we used to have also seem to have disappeared, but there are a lot of volunteers on the program now which means the kids get a lot of attention and can play happily anyway. 
In the evening, Jainie and I went to 2EC and I was really happy because many of my friends whom I hadn't seen since I arrived were there. Giang, Dung, Nho, boy Ha, and Quang, so now I've met almost all of them. They also found it really nice meeting Jainie, since she has Vietnamese parents and can actually speak Vietnamese, but still is a Swede on the inside. She talked to her parents on the phone later that night and they invited me to her graduation and said they will teach me Vietnamese so I become as fluent as Jainie LOL. I can't tell you how nice it is to have met her, really. We just instantly clicked and I'm gonna go with her when she goes back to her relatives, who live near HCMC, in the beginning of July. We're gonna stay in HCMC for one day and one night to go shopping and then clubbing, which is gonna be sooo nice since I had originally planned to go there with Chuong but those plans were spoiled. 
Yesterday, we went to a support center for Agent Orange victims. I've never been there before as they started going there while I was in Sweden, but I really liked it and it was a lot of fun. We drew together, played games, and had a crazy dancing festival haha. One of the boys really likes to twerk...I didn't feel very well though, probably due to lack of sleep and slight dehydration. The weather is really awful these days!! Not extremely hot, around 34 degrees Celsius, but it's so humid and I sweat an amount almost equal to the flow of the Niagara falls. I'm really bad at remembering to drink enough water at home, too, but now I really have to remember to carry a water bottle with me everywhere...


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